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HOWORTH International brings the multinational, multi-industry experience required to support you and your organization’s critical needs in a cost effective and timely manner.


Interim Management  Interim CEO, COO, General Manager, CFO, Sales/Business Development VP, International Business DevelopmentAs a result of a sudden departure, illness, death, significant change or transition in the organization, ownership changes, mergers, the organization requires a full time manager at the executive level until a permanent management structure is hired. 
Fractional/Part Time Management Fractional COO, CFO, Controller, Transactional Management, Preparation & Due Diligence, Sales/Business Development Vice President, International Business Development. The amount and complexity of work has outgrown the manager or team within the organization and while the addition of a full time manager may not be warranted immediately, the expertise of a more senior manager on a part time basis would bring value to the organization and bridge the gap between the current needs and a full time senior manager. Often the Fractional Manager will assist in defining the specific profile of the full time manager that the organization will eventually hire. 
–  Project Management & Advisory Services M & A Support,Project Management, International Procurement, Advisory, Coaching, International Business Development or Consulting Assignments. Your existing management team may not have the time availability, the technical expertise or the experience for a particular project or they prefer to keep a project separate from the existing team and the day to day operations for purposes of focus and risk management

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We take on the role of International Business Development (either Interim, Fractional/Project or Advisory) performing tasks ranging from initial in-country market research, regulatory compliance, structuring and registration of local entities, evaluation of distribution channels, partner/distributor selection, agreements and management, facilities, supply chain and support, as well as other resources as required. In serving our USA-based clients, we incorporate the use of  tools and resources available to USA Companies from the International Trade Administration and their local in-country resources including the Gold Key programs, among others if available as well as our local Resource Partners and other in-country trusted resources in support of our Business Development initiative.
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We provide local support in the form of Advisory Services or a USA-based “Country Manager Service”. This may include a general manager (either Interim or Fractional/Project) and other Trusted, Experienced and Industry-specific USA partner resources to perform all of the local functions required – initial market research, regulatory compliance, structuring and registration of local entities, evaluation of distribution channels, contract sales, partner/distributor selection and agreements, facilities, supply chain and support as well as other resources as required.
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Each CLIENT ENGAGEMENT is a defined PROJECT for HOWORTH International. We DO the WORK with our CLIENT FOCUSED Project Teams made up of Internal and 3rd Party Resources that have been specifically selected to match the BUSINESS REQUIREMENTS of our CLIENTS.

The BENEFITS of engaging Interim, Fractional/Part Time and Project Management and Advisory Services for Domestic and Multinational Projects

The benefits and the net value added to your organization when you engage with Interim, Fractional/Part time and Project Management Resources or Advisory Services can be substantial.


The Samurai Code (Bushido)
Bushido is the proper term for the Samurai Code.  It means “The way of the warrior.”  The Bushido placed restrictions on the Samurai, prohibiting them from doing many things and encouraging them to live a very honest life. 
This is not only good for Samurai, but for everyone as it will make each who follows a truer person. Business Leaders can learn much from Bushido!